Consumer Trade Show Auctions

Consumer Trade Show AuctionsConsumer Trade Shows offer a great opportunity for businesses to promote and sell their products, services and information. But are you leveraging your on-site traffic and credibility to the fullest extent by offering an integrated auction and ecommerce opportunity?

Having a branded auction/ecommerce site during an event allows you to:

  • Effectively grow your database by reaching those not in attendance.
  • Allow show vendors to auction/sell products and get them in the hands of consumers: increased revenue for trade shows; increased exposure for vendors.
  • Sell online ad spots
  • Exchange additional trade show space for product
  • Have an interactive booth at the trade show where consumers can bid on items available.

Do you run a silent auction in associate with your event? If so, transitioning to an online auction will enable you to increase bidding by reaching those not in attendance, and utilizing the power of online auctions by eliminating paper based auctions where bidders know the limits of their competing bidders. Finally, secure payment via our integrated payment gateway instead of chasing down ‘silent auction’ bidders.

After the end of consumer trade show:

  • Extent your brand and traffic from a week-long/weekend event to a continuous ecommerce revenue stream by allowing consumers to purchase from vendors at additional times, not just at the show
  • Continually increase your database and generate identifiable leads for future vendors/attendees
  • Allow vendors to dispose of excess inventory from the show

Refer to our features page to discover additional elements that can assist your trade show experience for both consumers and vendors.


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